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Inlet Valves
The slim design of this valve represents the latest trend in the ducted vacuum industry.
The full-door closure covers the screws, door springs, and hose stops on the body of the valve. Available in four colors.
(Beige, Black, White and Almond).

There are two types of Inlet Valves

  1.  Wall Inlet – will connect the hose only                   2.  Auxiliary Inlet – will connect all other Accessories 

A. Wall Inlet Valves

B. Auxiliary Inlet Valves


Think about using your broom, but never bending down to use the dustpan. The VacPan automatic dustpan will allow you to do just that. With one simple push of the lever with your foot, the dirt and debris will be whisked away by your ducted vacuum system. Easily installs in your baseboard or cabinet kickboard. The VacPan can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, hallway or any other sweepable area. Available in white, black or ivory with optional surround trim plates to match and also with a Stainless Steel cover

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