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Noise less Cleaning

Cleaning with SMART CLEAN is a life-changing experience. Gone are the days that disturbs those who are sleeping ,watching TV or studying as a result of cleaning noise. You are now even free to socialize while cleaning by listening to music or talking on the mobile. All these are because of that the noise making vacuum units coupled with motors and fans are installed outside the living area; and its inbuilt silencing technology making it even quieter.

Stress- Free Cleaning

Versatility and ease of use associated with “SMART CLEAN” ducted vacuum system enables cleaning of every nook and corner; stair cases, walls, curtains, mattresses, and ceilings etc; so fast and easily as a result of lightweight design compared to conventional vacuum cleaners. SMART CLEAN Vacuum Systems are designed such a way that only the vacuum wand and hose are mobile, while the power unit is located outside the living area. Some of the tools are so unique and amazing that you'll wonder how to clean without them. Example: Sweepings & droppings will be sucked in to the vacuum unit through vac-pan inlet.

Healthy Living

SMART CLEAN ensures 100% of sucked air containing dust, harmful bacteria and microorganism discharged in to atmosphere outside the living area, and will refresh the air during the cleaning process creating a healthy living environment, interior.

Value Addition & Cost Saving

Installing a SMART CLEAN - Ducted Vacuum System enhances lifestyle, add value to your house and bring about savings.
* Enhancement of lifestyle.
* Boosting the Value of your House or Apartment.
* Make your House or Apartment different from the rest.
* Create competitive edge over the rest of the real-estate developers.

Warranty & Maintenance

SMART CLEAN ducted vacuum cleaning systems; requiring minimal maintenance, are much durable and long lasting than common conventional home vacuum cleaners. They are built to last and offered with 5 year warranty. Our principles in Australia; with 40 years of experience; indicated that their existing customers have exceeded 10 years in operation, without any major overhaul.

Create Critical Hygiene Environment

SMART CLEAN ducted vacuum cleaning systems create critical hygienic environments due to its ability to extracts 100% of Allergens, Irritants, harmful contaminants, micro-organisms, pet dander, bacteria, pollen, mildew, mold spores, and similar toxins. Thus! It is highly advantages where hygienic cleaning practices are required; such as hospitals, veterinaries, laboratories, Food factories, kitchens Etc. Also, avoid sterilization of equipment transferred from outside to hygienic areas compared to conventional vacuum cleaning system.


Noise Less

Smart Clean vacuum systems are significantly quieter than the traditional portable vacuum cleaners. Not only that they have acoustic noise reduction insulation lining on the motor cover housing; but also inbuilt silencing technology making them even quieter.

More Vacuum Power

SMART CLEAN is Powered by, Amatek 2-3 stage, 145mm Turbine Flow-Through commercial grade vacuum Motor to ensure Deep Cleaning, Better Suction and Dust Removal Efficiency. It generates suction power up to a maximum of 61 Ltrs /Sec (129.2CFM) at an Air flow rate up to 3,550 mm H2O

Hygienic Cleaning

SMART CLEAN ensures healthy living environments without allowing the dirty air to circulate inside the living area, since 100% of sucked Air is discharged in to the outer atmosphere unlike conventional vacuum cleaners. In addition to dust; Air contains harmful contaminants and micro-organisms. These include pet dander, bacteria, pollen, mildew, mold spores, and similar toxins. People who suffer from allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems are particularly sensitive to these airborne particles.

Energy Saving

“SMART CLEAN” is high efficiency, robust construction incorporating innovative energy saving technologies; thus creating greater suction power at very much less energy consumption. Its maximum power requirement is 1700 Watts to produce suction power of 750 Air Watts & 3550 Sealed Vacuum-mmH2O


The “Smart Clean” Ducted Vacuum System is the latest innovative, ‘state of the art technology’ and one of its kinds, worldwide. It is manufactured and distributed by ‘Electron Vacuum Systems (Aust) Ptv Ltd’ Australia under the Trademark of “Electron”. This is introduced in Sri Lanka for the first ever by the Sole Agent for Asia Region & GCC - M/s Global Technologies Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, Kandana, Sri Lanka; and there is no equivalent competitor product so far available in the Sri Lanka.

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