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Power Units

for any size home… 


 The Power Unit, ‘the heart of the ducted cleaning system’ is constructed only with Quality Materials and Workmanship, assuring years of trouble free vacuuming.

General Power Unit Features

Body Construction

All power units are Injected molded from high impact, high temperature ABS polycarbonate and polypropylene plastics. Such material provides greater strength and durability in the overall construction of the housing. It will not dent and will last a house time. Housings are both rust and corrosion proof, excellent for areas where there is excessive humidity and ideal for coastal area installations.

 Ametek Power Inside

Ametek is one of the world’s largest producers of vacuum/air moving motors for original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) in floor care, outdoor power equipment and household appliance markets. Recognised as the World Leader in Electric Motor Technology, Ametek has continually set the standards for engineering, design, testing and product excellence. It is with such criteria that we continue to choose Ametek to be the power plant for all our range of ducted vacuum systems.

Power units are available with Cyclonic Bagless Filtration or with Disposable Paper Bag filtration.

Electron has a model to suit any size home.


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